Our Revit MEP BIM Modeling Services is specialized in developing most accurate and detailed MEP design models with required LOD and as per the BIM execution plan. Develop mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems models based on the defined specifications and zones in the building model.

We create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing Revit models as per the design-intent and design phase.

We can also develop parametric Revit mechanical, electrical, and plumbing families with the needed LOD. Depending on the stage of building design (from initial MEP design to construction stage), we incorporate differing levels of details (from LOD 100 to LOD 500) into an MEP model.

To maximise efficiency in design optimization, detailing, quantity takeoff, fabrication, and installation of MEP building systems, we seek to offer a highly accurate and detailed 3D MEP model to MEP contractors, MEP consultants, construction firms, design-build firms, and MEP component manufacturers.

Our MEP BIM Services Include

1. Mechanical Systems: Using tools to place air terminals and mechanical equipment in a project, model mechanical systems such as HVAC duct systems. Create duct routing plans with the use of automated system creation tools.

2. Electrical Systems: To insert lighting fixtures, cable trays, and electrical equipment in a project with the proper LOD and annotation, model electrical systems. Coordinate electrical models with other disciplines/trades If applicable.

3. Plumbing Systems: Place plumbing components and assign them to a supply or return system to model plumbing systems. Utilise layout software to figure out the ideal route for the plumbing that connects the various system components.

4. Fabrication & Shop-Drawings: Create LOD 400 content for the fabrication and installation process in Revit MEP models.

5. 4D & 5D BIM: For scheduling, cost estimate, quantity takeoff and BOM, provide a data-rich MEP 3D model.

6. MEP Content Creation: Develop parametric modelling and a library of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) components.

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