LEED & Energy Modelling

Energy modelling (aka energy simulation) is demand of industry as the energy rates are growing and global warming are rising. Building a smart energy efficient building which consumes less electricity, gas is in high demand. LEED service provider Krishna outsourcing is a analyze energy from each corner of the building and optimize building even before it starts consuming energy. LEED service provider 8760 hours of energy analysis for hospitals, offices, clubs, residences, high rise towers etc. Architects, owner and manufacturers can get benefit from our Consulting Engineering Company. All they need to share is drawings for building proposal and design from engineering consultant.

LEED rating is very important and reflects an awareness of the environment. Consulting Engineering Company KrishnaOS is an energy modelling, eQuest, energy simulation service provider has team of architect & mechanical engineer to analyze your building with industry-leading programs like eQuest, Energy plus, trace 700.


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eQuest Energy Model
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energy model monthly
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