Everything in life has stages to cross and so do architectural bim services. Designing a building is not that easy as it has to go through various stages of structural BIM services. Be it residential design, commercial, hotel, or retail. An architect is in charge of designing blueprints, planning work, and occasionally even supervising the construction of a structure.

There are 5 crucial stages of Architectural design that are engaged in designing a building of any project:

1. Pre Design:

Firstly, we have to determine the vision and goals of the clients. Other than the industry being, healthcare, hospitality, etc., there are some other factors to discuss – scope, purpose, features, and functions.
Here we conduct:

  • Consultation with the clients
  • Measurements
  • Programming space and use
  • Reviewing of codes
  • Assembling existing drawings if any
  • Existing documentation and survey

After this detailed discussion, the owner decides if they want to move ahead with the project.

2. Schematic design:

A series of rough sketches are illustrated to form a basic concept of design. In this phase, the initial research and the regulations are completed, meetings are held with the clients, hand sketches and models of different shapes, sizes, and spaces are visualized.

In this phase, the clients are kept engaged and are asked for approval before moving ahead. Changes are always possible but it is easier to do it during the phase.

eventually, we convey:

  • Preliminary Site and Floor Plan
  • Preliminary Exterior Concepts

3. Design Growth:

Based on the floor plan and concepts approved in the previous phase. In this phase, we have to develop all the important aspects and produce a set of drawings and outlines. The adjustments must be made according to the construction budget. By the end of this phase, the clients will be able to see themselves at a new place and the interior will be completed and the exterior will be fully designed.

In this phase we deliver:

  • Drawing set and outline specification document.

4. Construction drawings:

In this phase, we prepare a final design by preparing a set of construction documents. They have all the dimensions, details, and notes to communicate the design with the builder. Later we specify materials, fixtures, equipment, and other appliances to coordinate designs with the structural engineers. This is a crucial phase of executing it successfully and accurately.

We conduct:

  • Drawings and specifications of construction.
  • General notes and detailed notes.
  • The floor plan and exterior elevations are fully annotated.

5. Construction Administration:

In this stage, the construction is commenced.  The design is finalized and is ready to build as per the design intent. If any changes are to be done, they are directly discussed with the owner ensuring the alterations with the owner’s vision for the project. The architect will work on the project until it’s completed and the owner receives all final checks.

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